Dolmen Guarding Ltd now provide a Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Services. Our sister company Dolmen Pet Sitting Services was set up to provide pet owners with piece of mind that when you are away on holidays or over night trips that their pet is safe and secure in their own surroundings. A member of our team will visit your home and carry out checks on your pets, feed and water them, let them out to stretch their legs, give medication and play with them. Along with this we can also open/close curtains and blinds, turn on and off lights and remove any post from your door, this gives the impression that your home is currently occupied and deter any potential burglars. A trip to a kennel /cattery for a pet can be traumatic, especially middle aged or elderly pets, let us keep them in their own environment to save all that anxiety.


Along with this service we can also provide a Dog Walking Service - We can bring your dog for regular walks while you are away, normally 20-30 minute strolls along their usual route. Once we have returned, we can feed and water the dog before leaving. Amount of walks can be varied to suit your pets needs.


Give Richard a call on 0868911950 and discuss your requirements. We can tailor a package to suit you and your budget. Find us on FB