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Due to the large amount of burglaries taking place, we have put together some home security tips and we hope you find them helpful.


* Ensure that all doors and windows are closed and securely locked.

* Keep your back door locked if answering your front door, a secure ring chain      lock will increase door security.

* A Euro Profile Cylinder is a good investment for external doors.

* If living in an apartment or flat, never fully open your door to strangers.

* Consider installing a spy hole and door chain when answering your door.

* Keep keys to vehicles out of view, coat hangers, fishing rods and extendables     poles are now being used through letter boxs to steal keys and take the owners vehicles.

* Visible burglar alarms, decoy bell box's, cctv cameras, locks and motion detection light are an excellent deterrant.

* Place motion activating external lights over doors, sheds at the side of your home.

* Should you loose your house keys, have your door locks changed immediately, always consider the thought that your keys were stolen with the intention of burglaring your home.

* Do not leave any valuable electronic item in view of windows, consider curtains or blinds to conseal your room where these items are located.

* Do not leave any tools or ladders laying around your home, these can be used to assess 1st floor windows and force open ground floor windows and doors.

* Even if you do not have a dog, invest in a sign " BEWARE OF DOG" and position it on a side gate.

* Cash and jewellery is what most burglars look for. Items that can be stuffed in pockets and a fast get away if required. Always place a handbag out of sight.

* Timers for light is an excellent deterrant. Set them to turn a light on and off at different intervals. This will give the impression that the house is occupied if your are away. Also leave on a radio and if possible on a station with discussions so from the outside it may sound as if there are people having a conversation.

* Place thorny shrubs infront of windows and gravel bedding at the front and rear of your home. This will make access through ground floor windows difficult and the gravel will alert you should there be anyone walking on it.


We provide a house minding service for weddings, funerals, holidays  and any other occasion where you are away from the home for a length of time. Most criminals will go through social media and see when people are away. Especially during funerals when death notices are broadcasted on local radio placed on the local newspapers and on

All our staff are fully Garda checked and are licensed by The Private Security Authority. You can rest assured that your home is 100% safe in the hand of trustworthy security personnel.


Contact Richard on 086 8911950 for further information.

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